Summarized Comments from the 11/29/2018 Community Input Meeting


  • Stanford should use equitable transportation methods such as 1) ensure that annual transportation survey reach all workers, including contracted workers, 2) provide free parking permits for workers who live more than a 1-hour commute away, or with other reason(s) that require them to drive, and 3) transportation benefits - VMT hours.

  • Access to the infusion center through Quarry Rd.

  • Transportation benefits should be in COA to the fullest extent.

  • Transportation infrastructure is insufficient to support new students.

  • Ease commute between East Palo Alto and Stanford Oval.

  • Get Stanford to pay its fair share of the necessary cost of an effective working infrastructure.

  • New students and workers should arrive after transportation, housing, etc. has been instituted.

  • County should require Stanford to work with Palo Alto to reduce traffic congestion before it even starts development.


  • Stanford should provide funding for grade separation of Caltrain.

  • Reconstruct east/west transportation connections across the Caltrain tracks; grade separation project.

  • Stanford should pay shares in the costs of traffic across the railroad crossings.

  • Complete east/west connectivity.

Transit & Bike/Ped

  • Funding for Palo Alto shuttle.

  • Free transit passes wouldn’t help because transit is at capacity.

Road Improvements

  • Help Embarcadero to Quarry Rd to Stanford.

  • Help University Ave.


  • Some mechanism is needed that has the authority to assess and require addressing multi-jurisdictional traffic/transit from Stanford’s actions and growth.

  • Don’t make regional traffic worse.

  • Stanford should be required to alleviate some existing congestion.


  • Stanford should respect the neighborhoods in which they purchase properties in.

  • Construction workers work past their established hours. There should be set hours of when things can be done, and these hours should be enforced.

  • A lot of homelessness on Stanford streets. Stanford should help this.

  • Stanford should provide enough housing to address the housing needed throughout the County.

  • Housing affordable to workers, so that workers don’t have to commute from far places, such as Gilroy, Tracy, and Los Banos.

  • Full mitigation of housing and transportation impacts should be covered by Conditions of Approval, not the Development Agreement.

  • Stanford needs to house its workforce.

  • Build housing in East Palo Alto.

  • Low income housing should be for TRUE low income – janitors, etc. (not grad students, etc. – they should be housed but Stanford shouldn’t get credit for them).

  • Low income housing for service workers.

  • New students and workers should arrive after transportation, housing, etc. has been instituted.

  • No property tax being paid while empty properties sit vacant on Stanford lands.

  • Regulations on minimum lot sizes, architectural styles, historic character in Stanford housing.

  • Faculty members who live on campus don’t have a voice in what is going on (fear and distrust towards Stanford) – we want protection.

  • Revisit the existing zoning in faculty residential area that’s no longer adequate.

  • New development requirement should be part of permit process.

  • Public benefit must not be at the expense of impact mitigation.

  • Whatever development that takes place, there needs to be a plan for how many union members can reside there. This would be a great opportunity for union members’ children to be able to attend PAUSD and match tuition.

  • Stop demolition of off campus housing (College Terrace).

  • Stop buying up College Terrace.

  • Proposed academic development under GUP should not make regional housing shortage worse.

  • Diversity – affordable housing for PAUSD workers.

  • Subsidize housing for full-time PAUSD staff/teachers.

  • Housing for PAUSD teachers.

  • The amount of housing isn’t enough to support the jobs that would be created by the expansion proposed by Stanford.

  • Moratorium on any lab, office, or development until the needs for service worker housing has been matched.

  • It’s difficult for Stanford tenants that also work for Stanford to have any meaningful input.

  • Annually provide 1M to East Palo Alto affordable housing trust fund.


  • Stanford should make annual contractual payments to their host towns and public schools.

  • Build an elementary, middle, and high school.

  • Set aside a site for a neighborhood school and provide funding for the construction of that school.

  • Pass new community measures to contribute money to maintain the high education quality of PAUSD.

  • PAUSD is a good school district because of Stanford.

  • There should be an elementary school on Stanford land near Quarry Rd.

  • Compensate school district for unfunded annual costs.

  • Stanford should contribute to Safe Routes to School.

  • True funding sources should be found to support the cities and the schools.

  • Fees in lieu of taxes for PAUSD.

  • Do no harm – as Stanford builds housing, make sure that PAUSD receives no unfunded students.

  • Maintain the current education level – whatever the average spending per child is.

  • Priority to keep PAUSD quality, maybe ask non-profit to pay 50% - Harvard example.

Economic Development

Health Services

  • Suicide prevention efforts including 1) support purchasing and/or installing 8 ft tall fencing on west/east along Caltrain corridor, 2) install camera system along west/east along Caltrain corridor, and 3) emergency room support counseling for self-harm and suicide attempts.


  • Environmental impacts of growth and sustainability should be considered.

  • All construction on their campus should be zero net energy.

  • Buy offsets for carbon materials of all their buildings.

  • Carbon neutrality for all new construction.

  • Incorporate Green Infrastructure.

  • Consider climate change.

Open Space

  • Jasper Ridge park areas protection for the next 200 years.

  • Preserve Coyote Hill, Deer Creek, and the Dish.

  • Flow of San Francisquito Creek.

  • Identification and development of wildlife corridors.

  • Protection of lands outside AGB until 2100.

  • Protection outside AGB be extended.

  • Permanent protection of Stanford Foothills.

  • Coordinate with Water District for Lake as a recharge basin.

  • In exchange for higher density of development, Stanford Foothills should be permanently preserved.

  • Mandates for bird friendly design and light.

  • Detention basin in Foothills to prevent flooding.

  • Open space lands to Ohlone land trust.

Community Services

  • Homelessness that’s happening right on Stanford’s street. Stanford should help this.

  • Emergency preparedness.

  • Displacement of East Palo Alto community members – resources should be directed to East Palo Alto.


  • Have GUP meetings at non-vacation times.

  • Transparency in D.A. process.


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